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My Goodbye to Maxx  
10:10am 08/06/2009
I realize I've been depressed over the passing of Maxx. I'm not even sure of the true spelling of his name. haha I had been feeling I had no right to cry over his lose. Which I now know is stupid. He was my companion when no one else was around. I talked to him every day. We laughed, he was there to hear me cry we talked and even argued. It did not matter that I was not his owner, he was my friend. I will miss you Maxx. As I now cry over the lose of you. I won't hear you morning hello. You saying come back as I feed you. Me telling you I'll be right back as I go do whatever. You letting me know someone is at the door knocking or letting me know someone has come into my temp home. It's so quiet without you. I miss your song, you the bird that did not know he could fly; flew into my heart. Goodbye my friend.
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