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11:40am 17/07/2009
Yesterday should have been the best day ever, kind of, but it wasn't. I finally got my license which meant I'm off probation. This is a very big deal. Instead I have to deal with a lying piece of shit of an ex. Since he was having an off day decided to be an ass. I told him to take my back to my friends home. I get back here, still happy I have my license...maybe I just took it the wrong way. Anyway..."What are you doing here?" was the statement I hear. This was a massive blow. My TJ, my counselor confronted my on my living situation. After stating my goal of moving out next she questioned me more. I stated that I would love to rent a room from my friends and stay here a little longer. She suggested I talked to them about a 6 months trial and in 6 month reevaluate the situation and maybe try another 6 months to a year. This would allow me to interact with my friends on a equal level, somewhat, and help with my verbal skills. Since I have been running from them because of my own guilt and knowing If I interact with them, as I greatly desire to, and move out I would be really depressed.

Thanks to my med I'm at a different level of mad. Mad but oh well I don't give a fuck. It's weird.
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