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Upset with Self  
06:15pm 28/07/2009
Ok. I'm a little upset with myself. My friend and I was talking about Massachusetts law. I read an article about...well, I'll just post a piece of the article by Adam Winkler here. "The Massachusetts statute defining "disorderly conduct" used to have a provision that made it illegal to make "unreasonable noise or offensively coarse utterance, gesture or display," or to address "abusive language to any person present." Yet the courts have interpreted that provision to violate the Massachusetts Constitution's guarantee of freedom of speech. So police cannot lawfully arrest a person for hurling abusive language at an officer." My point was you don't have to be in your home to curse out the law. You can be anyway in Massachusetts. She said it was in you home that you could do it. Now, I should have spoken up about what I read but I did not. Where is my confidence? I realizes I should not hold my tongue when we are having a discussion and I know I am right. I also know that I hold her in such high esteem that I don't want to correct the person I look to for guidance for fear the guidance won't be there for me later on. Which is dumb because I know she loves me and the guidance will all ways be there for me to ask for. Ok. I'm not upset with myself anymore.
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02:17am 23/07/2012 (UTC)
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